"Elizabeth" This is a portrait of a young woman in California. It is now hanging in her family's restaurant. Posted by Hello


At 2/3/05, Blogger RobertGrannis said...

O! Superb! The Southwest colors, contrasts and unique composition grab one's attention instantly and will become a favorite leaving a lasting and joyous impression. The background blanket design is authentic and at once appealing counter-balanced by the swooping and full lines of the marvelous dress. The dancer's face and body language convey the love and feel for the dance. Wish I were at the restaurant to get the full impact of this delitesome work.

At 2/3/05, Blogger Bigabalone said...

I think I've sucked up a few tequilas at this senoritas feet.......maybe in in Guadalupe....sorta hazy when or where


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