"Dances With Grandfather" Acrylic on Canvas. This is a life sized portrait.  Posted by Hello


At 2/3/05, Blogger RobertGrannis said...

To me, artist's 'strongest' piece to date and personal favorite. Dignity of sbject abounds as well as spiritual gaze of the eyes and upward "swoop' of hair. Southwestern patterns and colors of robe augment overall feel of this 'brave' subject. O! That I could own this masterpiece.

At 2/3/05, Blogger RobertGrannis said...

Please excuse previous post as it is meant for this artist's superb piece "Sees Far".
That said, let me begin by saying there are no words to properly describe "Dances With Grandfather". First of all, at six-feet-tall it is commanding as this piece should be. Secondly, the dignity of the Native Spirit is magnificently captured in concept, color, composition and sheer, vibrant energy of the glorious dancer. This is Aller's compelling staement of this artist's complete love for her subject. A 'must have' for any Native American lover or collector.


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