"Chloe" Posted by Hello


At 2/3/05, Blogger RobertGrannis said...

Obviously not meant as a portrait, but a study. Nice 'reach' off canvas with hand and hat. Colors match and contrast well, as well as good contrast between dark and light particularly in hair. Simple yet good drawing skills showing proper proportions and balance of size with canvas. Lovely blending on hat creating nice dimentional piece. All elements combine to make a beautiful and contemplative work of art. Would purchase in an instant.

At 2/3/05, Anonymous Dave Lambert said...

I like this study a lot! It is evocative, serene, nad still has a penetrating quality. Nice colors, strong composition.

At 2/3/05, Blogger Bigabalone said...

I could wake up in the morning and see this lady on my wall.............If only I had a wall big enough.


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