"Having Fun In Nashville" YeeHa! This is me listening to country music in a honkey tonk and loving it! The following paintings represent only a small part of the work. These are some of my "western" paintings. Posted by Hello

"Dances With Grandfather" Acrylic on Canvas. This is a life sized portrait.  Posted by Hello

"Sees Far" Acrylic on Canvas. He is rather rigid, but I love him. To me he represents the strength of the Southwest Posted by Hello

"Hanging Out In Roswell" Acrylic on Canvas. I had fun with this one.  Posted by Hello

"Indian Blues" Acrylic on Canvas.  Posted by Hello

"Spirit Dance" Acrylic on Canvas. This represents traditions of the Southwest. Posted by Hello

"Elizabeth" This is a portrait of a young woman in California. It is now hanging in her family's restaurant. Posted by Hello

"Chloe" Posted by Hello